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Jan 29, 2013 3:00pm EST
. >> we like a lot of sectors in the equity market. we like energy, materials and industrials, and some of the technology names are looking really pretty right now. >> rick, it's a perfect segue to you. he said the bond market party may be over. is it? >> well, no, i absolutely do not think so. here we are still toying with 2% as we get close to record highs in the dow jones industrial average. there's an incongruent relationship there, just like there's an incongruent relationship with the fact that we're talking about the dow near records, and tomorrow morning at 8:30 eastern i'm going to be telling you that fourth-quarter annualized growth was a paltry 1%. >> peter anderson, you run a firm called congress asset management company. so i'm going to ask you. is washington, is congress the people who can derail this rally? >> well, listen. i don't think the rally is going to be derailed at all. in fact, i think even though we've only had a third of earnings so far, let's look at the results. we've had some very, very strong winners in some very strong losers to. me that's the sign of a b
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm EST
in there such as cocoa, coffee, sugar, orange juice. i wouldn't touch these charts. the crb is being pulled up by energy and right now crude is looking great. gasoline is looking great. also, i just want to highlight. you brought up 1998. i want to go back a little farther. 1993. we all know that commodities and stocks -- sorry, commodities and bonds have been inversely correlated. commodities actually give you a peek into what bonds are doing and actually bottomed before bonds topped in 1993 and that could also be a little hint into the outflow from the bond world into the stock world so let's keep an eye on the bottom here. >> what about gold? what about gold? are fox in great danger, grave danger, as he said i was because i don't own gold? >> i think so. i think you have to own gold. got to own physical gold outside the financial system. there are ways to do it. i won't touch the etf, and back on bonds, if you go back to just after bastille day last year, there's been a remarkable run up in the yield on the ten-year from about 1.40 to above 2%, that's not a good trend and rising nominal interest rate
Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
've got the financials, the consumer stocks and energy stocks, pharma, food, a healthy rally but can it last going into the final hour in the dow right at 14,000, up 123 points. >> well, last month retail investors put a record 39.3 billion into mutual funds and etfs. here's the bad news. the previous record inflows came at the height of the technology bubble. what does that mean in terms of heading for the exits? is it different this time? we're going to check out the retail behavior. >> also. washington already has enough trouble getting things down these days. now the s.e.c. is literally being handcuffed, really, by what it can and cannot do because of conflicts of interest. i'm picturing the entire s.e.c., why that's undermining enforcement and maybe going to cost you some money next. we'll look at that very important. >> and will dow component dissly fuel the legs of this rally? that news after the bell and ceo bob iger is here live and breaking down the numbers live in a first on cnbc interview. that's today live at 4:20 p.m. eastern. but we can still help you see your big pict
Jan 31, 2013 3:00pm EST
are going on. energy expansion, manufacturing is coming home. we've talked about this many times in the past. the profit reports we've seen thus far is quite encouraging. hard to argue that the market is sending a message that it's in trouble. >> encouraging is in the eye of the beholder. we took these numbers down so far for the fourth quarter it was ridiculous. we're looking at maybe a 3% profit growth this quarter which is not really growth at all in my eyes. you know, some of the other things, too. we talk about inflation that everybody wants to dismiss inflation. the fact of the matter is that we know that the cpi numbers cannot be believed. we know that gas prices are going back up, and at some point all of this is going to come back and nobody is even talking about europe. where is europe in all this? this myth that europe is recovering. >> why is it a myth? >> we're not even talking about it. >> that will come back into play, for sure. >> we're not sure about that. >> the italy elections and debt coming due for election. >> 26% unemployment in spain. >> can you really say that things
Feb 1, 2013 3:00pm EST
%, energy, oil up 7%, maria. the master limited partnerships, up 12%. >> what do they tell us? >> money is flowing in. this dow 14,000, it's a psychological indicator, okay? the united states is doing well, houses, automobile, consumer credit, the ism numbers that came out today, 53, well into expansion territory. china's numbers are looking better so you've got to listen to the markets. the markets predict the economy. the economy does not predict the markets, a little ahead of itself as michael said. michael in hebrew says liken to god and you are liken to god with your predictions. however, the markets basically are saying 54% bulls and only 24% bears. maria, you could see a pullback, but i would say right now buy on any pullback. >> it does seem like this mentality of buy on the dip, exactly what david says is going to basically at the end of the day carry through. you don't think so? >> look at junk debt the last three, four trading days. they have blown out. emerging market sovereign debt, emb, fallen off a cliff. a real hiccup is starting in the credit markets. that could filter
Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
emerging markets. i'd buy financials. i'd stick with them. i'd stick with energy. i'd stick with mlps. i like a number of other sectors. >> what about the quality issue? that he just brought up. >> i disagree. i think with the s&p having reported at least 50% of the companies maybe over 60%, the earnings have been good. positively mostly good. >> outside of financials, yes. absolutely. the financials have done well, but if you dig down underneath, what you really see is a cost cutting story. it's not a revenue story. >> right. and they're still cutting costs. >> i agree. >> we'll leave it there. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >>> and later on we'll take the pulse of the economy from a company that takes everything. donl knaus will join us. today his stock is at an all-time high. >>> meantime heading towards the close with 20 minutes to go. looks like this may be the worst decline for the dow so far this year. the dow with the worst decline was 255 points. we'll keep an eye on this. >>> some top wall street executives sold their company stocks ahead of the rally. wait until you he
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6